Ayurveda - the science of life.

Ever wondered HOW to achieve more balance in your life, even if you are already doing "all the right things"?


As an Ayurveda practitioner, let me share the ancient system of Ayurveda with you or better "The Knowledge/Science of Life". This preventative natural medical system is about 5000 years old, the mother of Chinese Medicine, and based on the body mind connection and nature's circadian rhythm of which, in fact, we are a part too. Why pushing against the current when you could flow with her and thrive living according to what naturally works best for you? Check out the videos & podcasts below to gain a basic understanding on what Ayurveda really is.

1. What is Ayurveda


2. What are the doshas

Curious? Learn more about the foundations of Ayurveda and it's unique mind-body types in the below

State of Flow Podcast episodes.

3. Dive


What is your personal Ayurvedic Body-Mind type? Once you know your dominant Dosha you'll be able to create more balance by making food & lifestyle choices benefiting your true nature and genetic blue-print. Click here to take the quiz!

#003 Finding your balance with Ayurveda & your unique body-mind type

#004 How Do the Doshas Relate to Your Daily Life?

#009 Find Balance in Vata Season - Autumn

#006 The Energetics of Food - It's not about what but how & when we eat

#015 Your Symptoms are Your Messengers!

#019 Accumulation VS Circulating Energy for Better Health

#025 Why You Might Be Doing All the Right Things Wrong

#032 Living with the Seasons to Thrive from the Inside Out

The State of Flow Podcast is a place where we discuss how to use the ancient art of Ayurveda to elevate our minds, bodies and souls in modern day-to-day live in order to really access our greatest potential as our highest selves.

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