Vegan Tumeric Cashew Cheese

For anyone looking for a plant-based, clean, homemade and healthy alternative for dairy - this is it! I choose to not have dairy in my diet for several reasons. I feel healthier and lighter without it and know that I am eliminating a potential risk of hormone imbalance and other dysfunctions by mucous-building dairy. I also don't feel right on lactose which has to do with how dairy is processed nowadays compared to back in the day when our grandparents used to drink raw, pasteurized milk from happy, roaming cows. Did you know that today about 75% of the human population is dairy intolerant? Mhm. Another reason of course is the unethical treatment of animals in mass production in meat and dairy industry. But all this is something for another time!

This cashew cream cheese is perfect on it's own as a dip, spread or as creamy component in dishes and soups. I used for vegan bolognese sauce and any creamy kind of dishes.

What you'll need:


Mason Jar


1C cashews 3Tbsp nutritional yeast 1 small clove of garlic

1 tsp tumeric

black/cayenne pepper


himalayan salt

lime juice

braggs soy substitute

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