Body Scrub Exfoliation – Brown Sugar, Lemongrass & Ginger, Mandarin
Natural chemical-free and handmade exfoliant

ingredients: organic brown sugar, organic raw sugar, lime lemongrass & ginger loose-leaf, essential oils, raw organic olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil


500 grams bulk pack


Recommendations: this product comes in a ziplock back to allow for bigger quantities without adding too much postage weight. We'd recommend transferring smaller portions into a glass mason jar to keep in shower or bathroom. :)

Coconut oil tends to harden, therefore scrub may be crumbly but will melt once rubbed onto skin and leave your skin exfoliated & silky smooth. Use in shower or bath: wet skin first, then exfoliate with scrub and rinse off with warm water.


Small batch production. Fresh batches may be made to order. If out of stock, inquire via email to

Exfoliating Scrub - Sugar & Lemongrass

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