This is a free webinar recording on daily Selfcare to show up as your highest self in times of stress. 

Looking at health, vitality, immunity and staying balanced through the Ayurvedic lens. 


How can best look after ourselves in turbulent times? 
When the frequency around us is not that high vibe,
when it's easy to lose hope, be stressed, buy into fear.

It's in those times that it's more important than ever
to look after ourselves holistically. 
To nurture a place of inner strength and wellbeing,
instil happiness, joy, obtain or maintain health 
and reflect that outwards to raise the collective consciousness
and be of best service to ourselves and our community. 

We can only give what we have
- and buying into negativity and hopelessness 
only depletes our resources and we are helping no one. 

Let's take the conversation back to 
daily self care, grounding and nourishing practices 
and what we can do to not only stay physically healthy
and mentally sane
but actually bring light into the tough situations we can
find ourselves in. 


You will receive the video recording in 2x parts in a downloadable zip folder

Selfcare for Immunity & Vitality Webinar RECORDING

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