• Sweet nourishment & hydration inside out –
    80 grams in biodegradable bag


This Ayurvedic herbal tea blend has a special affinity for pacifying Vata dosha. With soothing demulcent and warming demulcent, nervine and carminative herbs it helps to hydrate the body from inside out, nourish & rejuvenate depleted tissues, increase absorption and build ojas (vitality).


It is excellent for any symptoms of dryness, e.g. dry skin, dry & inflamed intestines, mucous membranes, a scattered mind, anxiety and all Vata (air & ether) conditions.


Ingredients: liquorice root*, marshmallow root* cinnamon*, ginger*, shatavari*


Small batch production. Fresh batches may be made to order. If out of stock, inquire via email to lena.elevatemindbody@gmail.com


Book in for an Ayurvedic Health Coaching Consultation at www.elevatemindbodythrive.com to learn how to best nourish your unique body and mind for optimal balance.



Vata Tea - Sweet Hydration & Nourishment

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