Reconnect to (our) Nature

Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Eight Willows Retreat, Margaret River Region

Due to current circumstances of the corvid 19 virus our Retreat has been postponed to later this year. 
If this calls you, make sure to join the Email Tribe to hear of latest updates. 
Meanwhile I offer personalized one-on-one sessions focused holistic stress release, Immunity support and lifestyle and dietary advice to put you into a place of strength and vitality.

These Ayurvedic Consults & session bundles are discounted at 20% off until April 19th to be of service for the community.
Use the
coupon code HEALTHBOOST when booking your session.*

Thank you for your understanding,
the collective well-being is important to us.


*Coupon is only valid once per person, so to save on the most value

get your 3-session bundle now. 

This is going to be a deep soul-nourishing immersion into yourself,

discovering and reconnecting to your natural cycles,
unique needs and strengths,
into how to best show up for the world and yourself,
by taking care of yourself in a way that is working WITH your mind and body type,
instead of against it.
Into "fine-tuning" all the 'right things' you may be doing already,
sync our cycles to Mother Natures circadian rhythms,
in order to feel, be and do our best,
thrive as the highest version of ourselves
and remove all the roadblocks of discomfort, pains and symptoms
we call 'normal' while they really only are 'common'
which are blocking the way between us and our greatest potential,
to be the best mom, lover, child, sibling, boss, healer, artist, creative,
the best version of ourselves in all aspects of our lives
and become our own healers.

Here is a little bit about what this retreat is going to be about in an IGTV I did  <3

Reserve your spot! How?

Head to Eight Willow Retreats website here, select your arrival date & number of people, pick your favourite luxury accommodation and go. 

For any logistic, booking and accommodation inquiries email

For any inquiries regarding the program, yoga & Ayurveda email Lena at

Daily Schedule

7am yoga, pranayama (breath), mindfulness

8.30am communal breakfast*

10am wellness workshop/chat

12.30am communal lunch*

- free time -

4.30pm afternoon wellness chat

6.30pm communal dinner*

8pm evening yoga, sound, mindfulness**



*fresh local GF vegan wholefood meals
** The State of Flow movement, sound & mindfulness journey experience on final night

The content of wellness sessions & workshop will be based on the ancient mind-body medicine of Ayurveda and how to make it a daily-life tool for your personal stress release, hormone balance, mental health & overall wellbeing, yet specific session content will be tailored to the needs of the individual groups. 


Download the entire program schedule & Retreat brochure here.

This retreat is more than just relaxation & rejuvenation but a deep-dive into your own well-being and how to holistically elevate your mind and body to elevate your life. 

My intention for this retreat is to co-facilitate a safe and sacred space for you to come home to yourself, be vulnerable and feel safe to share and be held. 

I am looking forward to journeying with you. 


[The soul in me recognizes the soul in you]


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