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We are what we take in.   
By making conscious choices on what we take into our bodies,

we can not only have a positive impact on our environment and our planet

but also on the feels of our own bodies and self and replace surviving with thriving.

Choosing natural products over artificials and chemicals helps to

reduce our ecological footprint, give back to mother nature and ourselves, restores

and optimises our bodily functions and provides us with nature’s finest nourishment.   
Our mission is to inspire people to to choose a happy & healthy  way of living
and to nourish and nurture to thrive in life.   

Empower yourself. Be Yourself. Thrive in life. – Life is what you make it.  
At Earth Medicine Box  we are all about empowerment and thrive. We believe that the more you are in “the state of flow” – living in rhythm and harmony with your true nature and your surroundings – the more you are living in your real alignment, the more you will THRIVE.  
To thrive means to live your fullest potential – physically, mentally, emotionally.

We are more likely to find our purpose, potential and thrive, when we are living in tune with nature and her greater rhythms, the big mother of whose vast vibrational field we are part of.  Our passion is to help people finding their path to self-empowerment and happiness and re-discover what we already know, not only with the holistic health programs, events and projects we offer but also with our integrative handmade product range, inspired by “living pretty naturally” in any way possible.  

So, find our range of natural organic Zinc Sunblock & our SuperfoodScoops smoothie blends below! 

All our products are handmade in Yallingup, WA, with loads of love and passion.

They are completely free from chemicals and additives and contain predominantly

organic and local ingredients where possible. 
For any questions, enquiries and ordering, please get in touch!  


Happy days,  


Lena  xx

Founder and Creative Director at

EarthMedicine_Box & Elevate - Mind Body Thrive 

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