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  • Hiking Boots

    1:1 Holistic Health & Transformation


    Are you looking for MORE joy, empowerment, health, success, thrive, purpose, feeling good?
    Book your FREE discovery call with me. [online & in person]

  • Apricots

    Ayurveda & One-off Consults

    Discovery how to THRIVE the most when operating in your optimal balance according to your individual Body-Mind type.

    [online & in person]

  • Green House

    Are you a Vata, Pitta or Kapha person? Do you feel rather fiery, airy or grounded? Find out your body-mind-type here for FREE!

  • Yoga at Home

    Integrative Yoga, Meditation & Stress Release Sessions

    Yoga goes beyond the mat. Body-Mind-Spirit therapy and refinement tailored to your needs.

    [online & in person]

  • Incense

    Reiki Soul Flights & ENERGY BALANCE

    Integrative shamanic energy balancing sessions and Reiki Attunements (Level 1,2, Master) within the Usui Lineage.

    [online & in person]

  • Stone Tower


    Tension release & energy circulation through integrative body work, a combination of different techniques and modalities.

    [In person in Yallingup Siding]

  • DSC00254a.JPG

    Thrive Freedom MOvement

    Creating an online business that upgrades your life holistically. Saying yes to financial and physical nourishment through the You-Economy and 21st century business. Join the Wellness Revolution.

  • 52487893_367243220526880_660106193875763

    Online Programs

    -coming soon-

    The Basics Of Ayurveda - Balance in Life, Empower & Thrive Holistic Stress Release and Selfcare 101, Low-Tox Lifestyle...stay tuned for new online offerings to kick off soon!

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