Natural earth medicine and ancient soul wisdom for integrative healing, authentic wellbeing and empowerment from within. Because accessing our full human potential with ease and flow is our birthright. Remember thyself.

Integrative healing Lena Kermode
Come home to yourself and awaken to your greatest potential with ease and flow.
"You know all these symptoms, aches and pains and feeling kind of average in your body and mind? They're not normal, only common and are roadblocks between you and your highest potential. Let's get them out of the way!" 
Hi there! 
Thank you for choosing to be here. I am Lena, an integrative healing and ayurvedic coach. My mission is to help women deepen their connection with and understanding of their bodies, selves and cycles to remove the roadblocks between them and accessing their greatest potential order to invite more health, happiness, abundance, joy, ease and empowerment into all areas of their lives. And I know you know, deep down, that all this IS available to you - otherwise you would not be here reading this!
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APRIL 19TH-MAY 10TH 2021





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Mental Health       Physical Health       Success
= Empowerment

Do you realise that your psychology determines your physiology and vice versa? 
All disease and symptoms have a spiritual, aka mental-emotional root cause. Only if we see nothing separate from one another we can create true health and wellbeing. And that 'feeling good, pure & at ease in our bodies and minds' is the vehicle to find our life's purpose and fulfilment, to live our dharma.

A great place to start is to elevate your state - mentally, emotionally and physically, which will positively change how you think, feel, act, perform and therefore transform all areas of your life. The more you elevate your state, the more you purify holistically and the more you do that the more likely you are to find your flow and start accessing your greatest potential with inner confidence, empowerment & self-reliance!

  For a simple yet profound five-step method to identifying where you are on a plateau  

   and actioning to elevate your state take my free webinar training below!   




- R E V I E W S   O F   W E B I N A R   A T T E N D E E S -

"Wow lady! I've just listened to your webinar 😲 You're amazing💥💚 to listen to. So knowledgeable yet friendly and helpful. I guess the word would be Genuine! Your passion for Ayurveda really shines through. Thanks for sharing. I have booked for your free offer✨" - Carla J.

"I attended this webinar session. It was very informative and gave practical activities. Lena's style is very friendly and she is easy to relate to. I got a lot of value from this session. Thank you Lena." - Katherine B.

"Thanks again for today! Really great... I’ve made that my homework goal for the month and really going to try and dive deep. Was awesome. I will touch base with you about it for sure.
Hehe, You’ve definitely got mentor vibes flowing to me. Seriously though, being someone who likes to read read and educate, you have such a wonderful way of bringing it all together and sending the message in such an understandable way. I found a little extra motivation after listen.
Grateful lil bee over her. ☺️🌻 Sooo many things out of today’s webinar we’re great! Like I love the scheduling sunsets. I’ve started a diary and schedule this year... haha, every year I do and I always stop because I feel like I don’t have much to write in it. You made me realise that I was looking for huge significant things to jot down rather than just simple little thing amongst the rest. X
Thanks for sharing." -
Kelly B

Need a good listen?

The State of Flow Podcast is a place to discuss everything holistic thriving, creating your flow state and becoming your highest evolvement while on the training ground called earth marrying soul-wisdom with modern bad-ass living to access your greatest potential.
Let's elevate & connect in State of Flow Facebook Community!



How can you become YOUR highest self, feel empowered & confident from within AND become your own healer? What is your missing piece to becoming your healthiest, happiest and most successful version of you? With relatable ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and body-mind-emotion synergy, we'll be fine-tuning your optimal unique lifestyle according to your personal needs. Including looking at nutrition and nourishment, physical health and exercise, mindset, conscious connection & relationship, personal development & spirituality, mental & emotional balance +more our goal is to connect you deeply to your own body, needs & natural cycles to create your flow state & authentically thrive, while gathering the tools you need to get yourself back to centre and up! Learn more here.

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Why work with Lena?

After having healed and empowered herself from years of depression, anxiety, PTSD, gut & hormone issues, and other physical symptoms naturally and holistically, Lena Kermode specializes in assisting creative and heart-centered female entrepreneurs around the globe to reconnect to their unique nature, body, needs & cycles to overcome any roadblocks in their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing to start accessing their greatest potential and thrive in their life & relationships with flow and ease. She builds a relatable bridge between ancient eastern wisdom & earth medicine and western science for balance, success, abundance, health, and 'feelin' goood' in modern daily life.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Listen to the short State of Flow podcast episode above (19min), a recording of a talk Lena gave at a speaking event in early 2020, to get to know her and her purpose a little better!

- C L I E N T   R E V I E W -

What Laura says about our work together:

""Thanks to your incredible and insightful guidance and support I feel like I've worked through a lot of subconscious shifts in the last few weeks that have held me back from really being embodied in myself and finding my essence again! I couldn't have done this without you, thank you beautiful!" " 







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As a Yoga Teacher & Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner trained in India and the West Lena believes that "Movement is Medicine" and teaches yoga, breathwork, meditation & mindfulness individualised to your needs with the aim to decompress & create space on all levels, promoting the flow of chi/prana/life force in order to release physical, emotional and mental tension or trauma. 

Work with her 1:1 online or in person and learn more here... or join one of her events in her local area here!

 Living in a Vata-prone society, stress is number one root cause of just about all 

disease & mental/emotional imbalances. Learn how to manage stress in your life and optimize your mental-emotional state and physical body utilising relaxation 

 response techniques, mindfulness, pranayama, yoga asana & more here... 

Did you know you have a personal Ayurvedic body-mind type

that determines what brings you balance?

Discover yours ⇟

take my free



& find out your unique

mind-body type

What is your personal Ayurvedic Body-Mind type? According to Ayurveda, we all have a unique-to-us constitutional make-up that determines what brings us balance and what may cause imbalance. Once you know your dominant Dosha you'll be able to create more balance by making food & lifestyle choices benefiting your true nature and genetic blueprint.

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"Lena is a very special therapist. She acts from the heart with no ego in sight. Lena is a clear conduit who doesn't impose on your personal experience. She facilitates and creates the space and we receive. We are lucky to have her offering her skills in the South West. Thanks for such an awesome, healing massage today."


Attending a casual yoga class, Lena was able to modify poses and work through a series of exercises that really helped with a sever, ongoing injury. 
Furthered with maintenance and dietary advice I've never met such a genuine and passionate practitioner.

Very well rounded and with phenomenal knowledge.


Rebalance and replenish your electro-magnetic field and body-mind-spirit utilising (distance) healing via channelling universal lifeforce energy (Rei-Ki) with Lena.

Be taken onto your own Reiki empowerment journey and become attuned to practice Reiki on yourself or become an energy healing practitioner here...

Learn more about Lena's integrative, nourishing and recalibrating massage & holistic bodywork here ...

- C L I E N T   R E V I E W -

What Mic said about his integrative soulflight bodywork & healing treatment

"Hey Lena, Wow! I feel like I have been reborn! I can't thank you enough for your one of a kind treatment today. I never experienced such feelings and emotions flowing, I could almost feel hot and cold energies flowing through me and even leaving my body!! Especially when you were working with my Marma points I felt an incredible shift of sorts. I can't wait to tell everyone about it and hopefully send them all your way! 1000 blessings to you my dear and I will indeed be back again!" 

Are you looking for ongoing &  individualised 1:1 accountability support to elevate your mind and body sustainably, find your balance, reconnect deeply with your body, self and cycles and become your own healer but are not sure what is right for you?

Let's organise a no-strings-attached chat together and talk

where you are at, where you are heading and if we are a fit ⇟

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Where I share motivational quotes, fairy soul insights and everything holistic, natural, happy & healthy living and lifestyle in every area. I'm all about "walking the talk" and making ancient practices and spirituality attainable for everyone in 21st century daily life - and for the sake of sharing exactly that I love visual platforms like the gram.
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